KINRADEN jewelry is made from high quality recycled metals and diamond cut Mpingo hardwood from FSC-certified forests. The 18-carat gold requires no special care, and neither does our 925 Sterling silver, which we have surface-treated to prevent oxidization.


Mpingo hardwood is one of the world’s hardest plant materials; in fact - you couldn’t force a screw into it, and it’s extremely durable. Your Mpingo diamonds will stay with your family for generations. Like pearls, the more you wear them against your skin, the finer their glow.


Still, in our modern polluted world and for maximum luster and protection, we recommend that you treat your Mpingo diamonds with our organic beeswax mixture. We have enclosed a tin with your jewelry, and you buy more online.


 Treatment with our beeswax emulsion:

  • Simply rub the diamond with a small amount of beeswax on a piece of uncolored cloth
  • Then polish with a clean cloth
  • Repeat regularly for maximum glow and protection
  • Never use oil for this purpose, as it will dull the wood


 Avoid damaging your jewelry:

  • Avoid contact with oil of any kind
  • Avoid direct contact with water and chemicals, such as soap, makeup, perfume, hair spray abrasive products, chlorine, detergents etc.
  • Do not wear your jewelry when swimming, bathing, showering or in the sauna/steam room
  • Do not wear your jewelry when doing household chores or gardening
  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces, and do not yank or pull the chains


 If your jewelry is damaged:

  • If this is due to a production fault, please bring the jewelry back to the place of purchase with your receipt
  • If this is due to your own mistake, please bring the jewelry to your local jeweler for repair; almost everything can be fixed
  • If you have a question about repairs, feel free to contact us at