About Us

KINRADEN was underway for three years prior to launching. During this time we designed and refined the full collection – and just as importantly, selected the most responsible and sustainable suppliers of raw materials for our jewellery.

The result is a truly exciting collection designed with the sophisticated, modern woman in mind who is unashamed to reach for the fleeting pleasures and beauty of life – yet sensitive to the fact that everything she touches inevitably touches the lives of others. That we are truly one: kindred by spirit and blood.


Metropolitan edge meets dreamlike, classic luxury; The KINRADEN debut collection is designed by Vibe Harsløf, currently one of the most notable names within international jewellery design and recently featured in Vogue Germany, Japan and Italy. It comprises two gold and one silver series, spanning from pacey, metropolitan edge to sensual decadence and dreamlike, classic luxury.

The collection employs a minimalistic design dogma of just three raw materials: solid 14 or 18 carat gold, 925 Sterling silver and diamond cut Mpingo wood from FSC-certified forests (one of the world’s hardest, growing materials). The jewellery is embedded with inky black Mpingo diamonds brought to a brilliant, velvety lustre through traditional diamond cutting and polishing techniques. The precious metals and Mpingo complement each other with an attractive new sensuality.

We are extremely proud; in our crew we included internationally renowned model Johanne Schmidt and prizewinning photographer Oliver Stalmans.

In the social media landscape you wil find us on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Our name is the same on all platforms; KINRADEN. We are looking forward to seeing you there.